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Himalaya Peak BLDG. MAT. TR. LLC was first established in Dubai in late 2006. We decided to branch out to the United States where Himalaya Peak Marble was established in 2014. Our company owns an abundant mine resource (two royal gold quarries and two royal white quarries), that can process 211,888 ft3 blocks annually. We have two factories specifically working with granite and marble, one of which is located in the YunFeng Stone (ZuoCun) industrial zone. It has an area of 17 acres, the building area is 85,600 ft2; the other one is located in GuoJiaDian Stone industrial zone, and takes an area of more than 5 acres, the building area is 64,200 ft2. Our two factories can process 6,420,000 ft2 slabs and more than 200,000 stone productions annually for custom designs such as fountains, and other sculptures. Our third factory is specialized in cabinets which is located in Pujiawa industrial zone. It has an area of 20 acres, the building area is 214,000 ft2. Annually, we produce approximately 400,000 boxes of all kinds of cabinets.
The special kinds of granite that our company holds are Royal Gold (Navajo Yellow), Royal White (Navajo White) and Thailand Yellow. All of these productions can be widely used for paving, stone non-sticking hanging, interior and exterior decoration, city carving, garden engineering and road construction in large scale with plentiful resources.

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  • More than 39 years of experience both in the distribution and project segments
  • 24/7 Project support
  • Specialized Transformation facilities
  • One-stop shopping concept
  • The breadth of Product types and ranges including both marble and quartz-based Engineered Stones
  • In-house Research and Development Department
  • Product development experience and know-how

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